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Now we live in a time when perfume is ready to satisfy any of our whims, any mood, any flight of our imagination. We are no longer passive consumers buying a beautiful fragrance just to smell delicious. We want to experience new emotions, we want to create certain images in the eyes of others, we want to form the image we need by resorting to the help of fragrances.

First of all, let's turn to the fragrances of luxury brands that have long become perfume classics. However, beautiful and expensive advertising campaigns of new products distract our attention to themselves, and we do not notice their modest beauty. And it is not for nothing that they say that the new is the well-forgotten old. And fashion podiums confirm this.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

Do you remember the popular youth series about the carefree and attractive life of beautiful and stylish girls and boys? Grooming, cleanliness, lightness and grace are the sensations that you experience from the Tommy Girl fragrance by Tommy Hilfiger. This is a girl from a private school, a beauty and a smart girl and certainly an athlete. A white polo, a short skirt, tanned skin and hair fluttering in the wind – a dream girl, people fall in love with her, imitate her.

Calvin Klein One

Our story would not be complete without the famous One by Calvin Klein, a revolutionary unisex fragrance in its concept. Clean and transparent, like a drop of water, energetic and sunny, breathing youth. It is beautiful on both female and male skin.


In addition to classic fragrances and the returning fashion of the 90s, there is another group of affordable fragrances – celebrity perfumes. They began to appear in the 1970s. Of those that have remained with us since those times and do not lose their popularity, we bring to your attention the Vanderbilt fragrance from Gloria Vanderbilt.

Gloria's trademark is a swan, which flaunts on a bottle and a box of pale lilac color. Vanderbilt fragrance is incredibly feminine, with a rich floral bouquet, status, in a good vintage style. It will emphasize mature beauty and elegance, add style and personality to the image of the owner.

Antonio Banderas Her Golden Secret

Bright and juicy Her Golden Secret by Antonio Banderas is gorgeous, graceful, seductive and very sexy. No wonder the Spanish actress was chosen as the face of the fragrance – a fatal beauty, a strong, confident woman, a symbol of beauty. The fragrance falls in love with the juiciness of apple and peach from the first notes. An exquisite bouquet of gardenia is decorated with the piquancy of black currant. Noble woody notes of cedar and patchouli in the base are shaded by the tenderness of vanilla and tonka beans.

Modern perfumery is so diverse, focused on every taste and purse, that there is absolutely no need to look for the only fragrance that will be yours forever. Experiment, change, expand your perfume wardrobe, pick up fragrances to suit the nuances of your mood.

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