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Standard Ground (USA): FREE Shipping For All Orders


For a modern person, perfume is not a luxury, but a necessary psychological tool, a key to the world of emotions of oneself and others. With the help of the fragrance, we can adjust ourselves to a positive level of attitude, experience pleasant feelings, evoke good memories.

But how can we satisfy our numerous desires, collecting our perfume wardrobe, and not go broke? We have an answer to this question. We bring to your attention fragrances that will occupy a worthy place in your collection and will not hit your wallet.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

Pay attention to the slender, elegant silhouette of the 5th Avenue bottle by the famous European brand Elizabeth Arden.

Elizabeth Arden's success story is like a Cinderella fairy tale. This story is about how a girl from a poor family was able to create an entire cosmetic empire. Thanks to the lady, decorative cosmetics began to be used by all women, not just actresses. She taught women how to take care of the skin and introduced the principle of the sequence of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nutrition.

The main principles of the brand – luxury and beauty – are embodied in the fragrances. 5th Avenue is an elegant, expensively dressed, well–groomed lady radiating self-confidence, dignity and self-sufficiency. The fragrance is very harmonious and delicate, indispensable in everyday life. It emphasizes all the advantages of its owner.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Do not ignore the most popular Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden – a transparent watercolor fragrance, fresh in the morning, creating a mood for the whole day. The fragrance is loved by everyone who is not a fan of complex compositions. The fragrance will brighten up office workdays, become a wonderful companion during sports and is certainly indispensable on hot summer days.

Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege

Beloved by all admirers of delicate floral and fruity fragrances Eclat D’Arpege by Lanvin has become a symbol of femininity and purity. The soft, affectionate sound delicately accompanies and makes the fragrance indispensable every day. The tenderness of the embrace of peony, green lilac and peach blossoms, musk silk, the nobility of white cedar and the warmth of amber merge into a pure melody that celebrates love and beauty.

Salvador Dali Dali

You can touch the work of the great Salvador Dali with the help of a perfume bottle made according to the sketch of the artist himself. The first fragrance Salvador Dali was the only one that was made with the direct participation of Dali in 1983. The perfume bottle is made in the form of lips and nose, symbols of smell and sensuality. The perfumer included jasmine and rose, beloved by Salvador, in the composition of the fragrance. These flowers have become the basis of the brand.

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